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Car Insurance Quote Canada – get the best quote possible
How do you get the best car insurance quote in Canada? The biggest and

best way is to understand how car insurance quotes in Canada are arrived at. It may seem at times that there is no logic to Auto insurance quotes. But that is not quite right. Insurance rates are based on a lot of data and statistics and the insurers have to justify their rates to governement agencies. If you can understand the main items that insurers use to get their rates you will be well on your way to saving money on your auto insurance.

So why are Car Insurance Quotes in Canada so Different From Company to Company?
Even though each insurance company files their rates with the government, each company also has their own target markets. Each insurance company decides on what type of clients they want to attract and set their best rates for these clients. They may decide based on specific locations, kinds of car, ages of drivers, other lines of business insured and more. Plus they evaluate where they fit in the marketplace and set their rates accordingly. Their rates are also based on having enough capital on hand to satisfy claims.

Occasionally a new insurer emerges and offers very low rates compared to the industry. Generally they are offering such low rates to build up their clientele. Once they get some experience with claims they have to raise rates to maintain adequate capital.

Get a Car Insurance Quote Canada
There are lots of places to get Car Insurance Quotes in Canada. But there are four main ways to get quotes:

Through an insurance broker – representing several insurers
Through an insurance agent – representing just one insurer
Through a direct insurer – a call centre or web site representing one insurer
Through an online marketplace (an online broker or marketer) See this page: car insurance quotes Ontario Canada
There are pros and cons to each. Brokers offer the most choice but they can not offer quotes from companies that use agents and they can not use Direct insurers. So it is not a bad idea to get an online quote, a quote from an agent or two, and quotes from brokers. Then you have to decide which is best for you (consider price AND service)

Canada Car Insurance Online Quote
Many companies offer online quotes. Click Canada car insurance online quote to find a leading Canadian online quote.

Canada auto insurance quote

Quotes from each of the Provinces
Visit Automobile Insurance Quote Canada for information on each of the provinces

Ontario Canada Auto Insurance Quotes
Ontario Canada Auto Insurance Quotes are available from any of the sources mentioned above: Brokers; Agents; Direct Writers; and online marketplaces

Ontario has a competitive private auto insurance system. Some of the other provinces have a public insurance system. Find out which ones are private and which ones are public at Car Insurance Quote Canada

Car Insurance Quote Canada – What Are Rates Based on?
Every insurer bases their overall rates on several key factors including

1. Your driving experience (# of years licensed)

2. Your insurance history (the longer you have insurance, without claims and with a good payment history, the better)

3. Your driving record and the driving record of every driver in the household (number of tickets and accidents)

4. The year, make and model of the vehicle

5. Your location (different areas have different claims histories (i.e. downtown Toronto is generally among the highest rates in Ontario)

6. The use of the vehicle (pleasure, commuting, business) and how far you drive

7. Your age and marital status – statistics suggest that the older you get the safer you will drive.

8. The type of coverage

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