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The Motorcycle Insurance Canada section of is here to help you find good motorcycle insurance.
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There are a handful of insurance companies in Canada that offer motorcycle insurance so it is usually possible to shop around and get three, four, five or more quotes. And the premiums can range quite a bit from insurer to insurer. Visit Canada Motorcycle Insurance Quote for more on shopping around

Motorcycle Insurance Canada – How to save
Shopping around and getting three to five quotes is one of the best ways to find cheap motorcycle insurance. But there are other important ways to keep pricing down and the pages linked here will give you a good idea of what to look for.

Just like auto insurance, rates for Motorcycle Insurance in Canada are based on your age, driving experience and the type of bike that you have.

So the younger you are, the more likely it is that your premiums will be higher as Motorcycle insurers feel that youth equals higher risk. Actually it is more than a feeling, it is based on statistics collected year after year for decades.

The more experience you have with motorcycles the lower your rate will be. So after a year, or a few years, you should see lower rates than when you first have your license. If not, shop around. As an example, some of the Ontario Motorcycle Insurance companies will offer reduced rates after just one year of experience.

While speaking of experience, taking motorcycle courses and belonging to a motorcycle club will often lead to reduced rates.

The other major factor in rates is the bike that you ride. Insurers look to statistics and have determined that certain models are more likely to be involved in accidents or be stolen. Accidents are quite costly to insurers, especially when they involve bodily injury. So it is wise to get quotes on more than one bike when you are contemplating the purchase of a motorcycle. Take a look at Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Canada for more about this

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Get a motorcycle insurance quote in Ontario
Compare motorcycle insurance quotes through – save time and money!
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