Common Auto Insurance Questions


People always seem to plenty of Auto Insurance Questions. This is because auto Insurance is a source of frustration for many individuals. It is one of those products that you must have but sometimes wonder why? Until you have a claim of course, and then you learn the true value of the coverage and the insurance company.

Car Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
There are so many different Auto Insurance Questions that we will have to break up this page into several sections to try and cover them all. Keep in mind that every company and location (Province or State) is different in their rules and regulations.

One of the most asked questions is: “How Long Does Accident Stay on Insurance “? (Read more by clicking the link)

Traffic Tickets and Insurance
Do Traffic Tickets Raise Your Insurance Rates? Yes. In many cases the first ticket will not make much of a difference in your premium. In some cases it won’t have any impact on your rates

What if I have lots of Tickets? Once you have three or more tickets many companies will not accept you as a client and your current insurer might not renew your policy. This will leave you with a high risk auto insurer and significantly higher premiums.

How much does getting a traffic ticket add to your insurance? The first ticket usually doesn’t make much of a difference. Unless it is a major conviction.

What is a Major Conviction? A few examples include Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving 150kmph in a 100kmph zone, Careless Driving, etc.
Note: KMPH is Kilometers per hour

How long do Tickets Affect my insurance for? Traffic tickets stay on your record for three years in most places.

How Does The Three Years Work? If your policy runs from January 1 to December 31 and you get a ticket in June, your rates will be affected at the next renewal of January 1. So if your ticket was June 1, 2009, your rates would be affected from January 1, 2010 until January 1, 2013.
Note: Some carriers would increase your rates immediately if discovered.

When you get a traffic ticket do insurance rates permanently go up? No, after three years the tickets will come off your record (in most cases)

How can the insurance company find out whether or not you got a traffic ticket? When you buy insurance you give the insurance company to run a variety of reports on you including your Traffic Record.

Even More Auto Insurance Questions
Questions about Canada Car Insurance Rates
Most Auto Insurance Questions involve auto insurance prices

Do good grades help with car insurance rates? Some companies offer a discount for drivers who are students with honours level grades. They feel that this is an indication of maturity and responsibility.

How high are car insurance rates for teenagers? Teenagers have some of the highest car insurance rates in Canada. Car insurance company’s have statistics that indicate that teenagers have a higher incidence of accidents than most other drivers.

Does Credit affect my car insurance rates? More and more insurance companies are using credit in pricing their policies. Some companies will not accept someone with bad credit.

Are women’s car insurance rates lower? Quite frequently this is true. Read more at Car Insurance For Woman drivers

What happens to my insurance rate if someone else is driving my car and has an accident? In most cases the owner of the car, who is also the owner of the policy, will see an increase in their rates as a result of someone else driving their car and getting into an accident. For this reason many people do no loan out their vehicle.

What is the best way to get cheap auto insurance? The number one way to get cheap auto insurance is to shop around. Visit Car Insurance Quotes in Canada for more information

How can I save on my auto insurance? Avoiding tickets and accidents is the number one way to keep your rates down. Having your home and auto insurance at the same company helps a lot as well. For more money saving tips check out Car Insurance Canada or Car Insurance Quote Canada

What company has the best insurance price? Insurance is a very competitive industry. As a result, no company has the best price in every situation. Each company has a target client and they set their prices based on what clients they want to attract. So it is a good idea to shop around for Car Insurance Quotes in Canada

What are insurance rates based on? Auto insurance rates are based on a large number of factors. Read Cheap Auto Insurance to learn what rates are based on and to help you save money.

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