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Car insurance in Ontario Canada can be a frustrating topic. There are many auto insurance companies in Ontario and knowing which company offers the best service, claims handling, coverage and the lowest insurance prices is hard to know. Understanding the coverage is tough enough, but adding the stress of having to shop around makes it even more confusing at times.

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Ontario Auto Insurance Reform

A major issue in Ontario has been increasing auto insurance rates in 2008-2010. Effective September 1, 2010, new legislation has changed auto insurance in Ontario.

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Car Insurance Company Information

This website has an abundant amount of Ontario car insurance information on it. Just about everything you might want to know about Car insurance in Ontario Canada is covered, and if you can't find an answer you can always ask a question and receive some helpful information.

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Many insurers have raised their rates substantially over the past few years. To find out which companies have raised their rates recently, check out the auto insurance rates in Ontario page. The government of Ontario, together with the insurance industry, has introduced new auto insurance forms in 2010 that should serve to reduce rates. The key problem with these reforms is that they will also reduce benefits payable for insurance claims in Ontario.

Auto insurance quotes in Ontario

There are many places to go in order to get a quote on auto insurance. There are local agents and brokers, online direct carriers, and online marketplaces that you can go to. All of them need some basic information from you to give a quote. It is best to get this information together and then go and get quotes. Find out more about getting quotes and the required information at: car insurance quotes in Ontario

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car insurance in Toronto Ontario

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