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The Canada Life Insurance section of Canada Insurance Source was prepared to help Canadians buy life insurance that is best for their situation.

Many of us do not think highly about most life insurance agents and brokers – we place them around the place most people put door to door vacuum cleaner sales people! You might think the same. That’s why is here as a free resource - to help you get a better understanding

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There are many positives from the life insurance industry. You just have to learn where each type of life insurance is best used. Have you given enough thought to your life insurance? Well, you made it here, so you must have something on your mind. The articles linked to this page should help you to find the best life insurance policy for your needs.

One thought before you click on to other pages … the cheapest life insurance is not necessarily the best! And having enough coverage is most important.

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Now for some Canada Life Insurance articles:

If you are looking to buy the cheapest life insurance Term Life Insurance in Canada might be your best option. Term insurance allows you to buy a large amount of coverage at an affordable rate. Canadian term life policies have dropped in price in recent years. Read about Canada Term Life Insurance Rates

One of the longest terms available is 30 Year Term Life Insurance. This plan has recently made it to Canada.

Another popular Canadian term life insurance plan is 20 Year Term Life Insurance. A good 20 year life insurance policy will be renewable and convertable.

Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance is a traditional Canada life insurance choice. There are a lot of older plans out there that are really valuable to have. For more on whole life please read: Whole Life Insurance Canada

The Term vs Whole life insurance has raged on for years and years. If you are you wondering which is best click Term or Whole Life Insuranceto get my opinion on which is the best Canada Life Insurance policy.

Universal Life Insurance is a blend between term and whole life insurance. It is very flexible and allows you to design your own plan. It is also vey confusing and not right for everyone.

When there are children a common question is - should you buy Childrens Life Insurance. I have attempted to explain why it is not a bad idea (but please make sure that you have enough insurance on yourself first!).

Are you a smoker looking for affordable coverage? Read Smoker Term Life Insurance Policy.

Term life insurance is commonly used to replace Mortgage Life Insuranceoffered by the lender – find out why.

Wondering about Life Insurance Medical Requirements?

Are you looking to buy life insurance? You might want to read about the three main ways to do that at Buy Life Insurance.

Looking to buy no medical life insurance? Have a look at No Medical Exam Life Insurance for some Canadian Insurance information and tips.

A very popular question is what is the Best Life Insurance? Have a look at the Best Life Insurance article for an experienced point of view.

Are you trying to find a life insurance policy on a deceased family member? Read Lost Life Insurance for some tips that should help.

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Always speak with a licensed insurance representative about your specific situation.

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