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Do you have Homeowners Insurance Questions? Some of them most frequently asked home insurance questions are listed on this page. Take a look to see if your answer is here!

Is it hard to get home insurance after a lapse in the insurance? Yes. Having a lapse makes it more difficult to get coverage in the future. Insurance companies find that people who have let policies lapse are a moral hazard, which essentially means at a higher risk for claims.

Can I get home insurance again if a previous policy has been canceled? Yes. But many company's will not accept you if your prior policy was canceled. Expect to pay a higher rate if your previous policy was canceled

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Is it standard procedure for home insurance agents to visit your house before they insure it? Yes. Agents and brokers want to make sure it is insured properly and to see if there are any hazards that could cause a claim. They will use info like square footage and the style of construction to calculate the replacement cost of your house.

Why do people get refused home insurance coverage? There are many reasons. They vary by company but here are a few common ones:

  • multiple claims in a short period of time
  • Bad Credit
  • Committing insurance fraud previously
  • Running a business at home
  • Not having central heat or having unapproved heating
  • Having very high or very low coverage limits
  • Older homes that have not been upgraded
  • Being canceled previously (ie for non-payment)

Questions about cancellation are among the most common Homeowners Insurance Questions.

Does a home security system affect your insurance rates? Yes. Most company's offer a discount for clients with a monitored alarm system.

How can I save on homeowners insurance? There are many ways. One of the best is to insure the home and auto together. And being close to fire hall and fire hydrant helps too. Read more about Home Insurance Rates.

Where can I get homeowners insurance? Insurance can be purchase through brokers, agents, direct writers (You call the company direct or visit their website). There are pros and cons to each so it is wise to shop around and compare prices, coverage and service. All of these places should be able to answer your Homeowners Insurance Questions.

How does the insurance company decide how much my house is worth? The insurance companies use detailed computer software that determines the replacement cost of the house based on its style of construction, age, square footage, the building materials and how it is finished (there are hundreds of factors). It is not the same as the market price.

Can I get home owners insurance on a vacant house? Yes. But you will likely pay a significantly higher premium.

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What Home Insurance deductible should I choose? The higher your deductible, the lower your price. So choose the highest deductible that you could comfortably afford.

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