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Canada Insurance Source Canada Insurance Source offers information on insurance protection in Canada.

Insurance can be a confusing and intimidating topic. The insurers sometimes seem unapproachable. The goal of this site is to help Canadians better understand why insurance is important and how it works.

It is important to point out that most of the information is written with an Ontario Insurance policy as a point of reference. But the content is general enough that visitors from any Province can benefit.

It is hard to know what the best insurance policy is to suit your needs. Knowing what type of policy to buy, how much coverage is enough, and how to get an affordable insurance policy are common concerns when searching for any type of policy. After reading the articles on this site you will be more familiar with the insurance protection you are looking for. Then it will be easier to speak with a broker or agent about your specific needs.

You will find information on items like: Car Insurance Canada, Car insurance in Ontario; Canada; Canada Home Insurance; Business Insurance Canada; Travel Insurance in Canada; Pet Insurance Canada; Term Life Insurance in Canada; and much more

Note: Keep in mind that insurance licensing, legislation, and policies often vary by province and most certainly by country. Canada Insurance Source is a free information source. So use this site to gain a general understanding of insurance with your own area and situation in mind. This insurance information is general in nature and the policy wordings always take precedence. And it is possible that there are errors and omissions in this website and, or its authors, take no responsibility. Make sure you review the "please read" page.

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Canada Insurance News
Canada Insurance News keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the website.
Hurricanes and Insurance
Wondering about bad weather from hurricanes like Hurricane Sandy and insurance
Car Insurance Canada Information for Ontario
Car Insurance Canada provides information about buying car insurance coverage in Ontario. How to find cheap insurance, high risk insurance, womens auto insurance rates, and more.
Car insurance quote Canada
Visit the Car insurance quote Canada page on Canada Insurance Source to get find out about saving on your auto insurance
Auto Insurance Questions
Search for answers to your Auto Insurance Questions? Check this page out. There are lots of common car insurance questions
Ontario Auto Insurance
Do you have Ontario Auto Insurance Questions? Go ahead and ask them here. Join hundred's of others who have asked questions for free.
Car insurance in Ontario Canada
Car insurance in Ontario Canada. Find information and get auto insurance quotes from a number of Ontario Car Insurance companies
canada car insurance rates
What do you think about Canada car insurance rates? Do you have cheap auto insurance or is it way too much? See what others have said
Motorcycle Insurance Canada
Motorcycle Insurance Canada. There are only a handful of insurance carriers offering coverage for motorcycles in Canada. Read about it here
Canada Home Insurance
Canada Home Insurance - Understanding Home owners insurance with information from an Insurance Broker in Ontario
Homeowners Insurance Questions
Homeowners Insurance Questions. Find some of the most frequently asked insurance questions on this page. Take a look and see if the answer to YOUR question is on this page
House Insurance Questions and Answers
House Insurance Questions and Answers. A page to ask your questions about home insurance in Canada.
Canada Life Insurance
Canada Life Insurance will help you to buy life insurance in Canada. The right type, amount, premium, and what the overall process is
Life Insurance Questions
There are countless frequently asked life insurance questions. This page covers some of the most common ones.
Your Life Insurance Questions
This is the spot to ask your life insurance questions. Have you always wondered something about life insurance? Or is there something that you do not understand about it? Ask your question here!
Group Insurance Canada
Group Insurance Canada covers all the major types of group benefit plans in the Canadian Insurance Marketplace
Disability Insurance Canada
Disability Insurance plans are an important part of financial security. Many Canadians do not have proper disability income insurance in place. Learn at Disability Insurance Canada.
Critical Illness Coverage
Critical Illness Coverage in Canada gives financial protection in the event of a life threatening illness such as heart attack, cancer, stroke and more. Benefit amounts of up to $2000,000.
Long Term Care Insurance Canada
Long Term Care Insurance Canada is an overview of what Long Term Care is and why Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) is important
Business Insurance Canada
Business Insurance Canada looks at common coverage that businesses should have
Travel Insurance in Canada
Going on vacation? Travel Insurance in Canada is essential reading! Emergency medical, trip cancellation, and all inclusive coverage. Also look here for student group travel or Visitors to Canada.
Wedding Cancellation Insurance
Wedding Cancellation Insurance is a product that has been made in recognition that weddings are getting more and more costly. An event causing the wedding to be cancelled can leave big bills to be
Green Insurance
Green Insurance. Now here’s a new idea in insurance. A select few companies are starting to market green insurance
Insurance Jobs
Insurance Jobs are plentiful and generally quite stable. There are opportunities to advance and earn a good income. Read about the common insurance careers.
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Auto Insurance Rates in Ontario
Auto insurance rates in Ontario have climbed steadily in the past three years, how much has your company changed rates? Check the list and see!