How Long Does Accident Stay on Insurance

We frequently get asked: "How long does accident stay on insurance?" The other question we get asked quite often is:

"Will it affect my insurance even if it is not my fault?". If you were wondering about the impact of an accident on your auto insurance, you'll find information here.

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After an accident people worry about how long accidents stay on their insurance record. In Ontario, and other places that have no-fault insurance but use fault determination, the key to this is if the accident is at fault or not at fault. In Ontario, an accident that is considered at fault will affect your insurance rates for at least six years (e.g. you rear end someone, or have a single car accident). For insurers that use a "ten star" rating, rates will be affected for ten years. Whether is a company that goes by six years or ten years, every year your rates will get a little better until the at fault accident is off your record.

So to answer the question: "how long does it take for an accident to come off my insurance?"; it is at least six years, but ten with some insurers. Every year that you are accident free, your rates will get better.

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