High Risk Insurance Ontario

Wondering about high risk insurance Ontario? Or are you looking for it?

If you are wondering about it, but don't need it, great! Keep it that way. If you are looking for it then very likely your current insurer canceled or non renewed your policy and it seems that no one else wants your business.

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Why is high risk car insurance necessary?

Insurers have different categories of risk. Those offering the lowest rates look to insure people that are less likely to have a claim, based on statistics. Canadian insurers find that people with no tickets, lots of drving experience, no claims, and no payment problems, are the least likely to have claims.

As a person gets more tickets or more claims the perceived risk goes up.

Eventually the risk threshold for the insurers goes to the point where only high risk automobile insurance companies are willing to offer coverage. These days, the threshold is easy to cross. A few tickets, claims problems or simply not having prior experience and coverage can land you in the high risk category.

This means a dramatic rise in rates!

If this is happening to you, it is important to consciously improve your record over time. And it really pays to shop around. All drivers, high risk and low risk, can do that here:

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