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What is the process of condemning a gas insert fireplace? We were told it was condemned and the technician turned off the gas, however did not leave a notice everything was verbal. Asked a different company for second opinion they stated because we weren't given written notice it wasn't condemned?

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That sounds like a frustrating situation. According to Enbridge, a verbal and written notice must be provided when tagging a gas appliance:

"During any service related call or when gas is turned on, any certified gas technician must inspect the natural gas equipment to ensure it is installed as per the Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, the manufacturer’s certified instructions, and that the equipment is operating safely.

If your equipment is no longer safe to operate or it needs to be repaired or replaced, a warning tag is placed on the natural gas appliance or piping by the certified gas technician. They are required by law to issue the warning tag and it’s also a safety measure to protect the residents of your home or business."
"If a warning tag is issued, the certified gas technician will provide verbal and written notification of the infraction to the customer."

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Always speak with a licensed insurance representative about your specific situation.

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