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Finding cheap auto insurance in Ontario is tough these days, but you can do it if you follow some simple steps. By the way, the best tip that will help you now has been saved for last.

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First, it is important to decide what coverage you need. Newer and brand new cars should have full coverage. But the older a car gets, the less sense it makes to keep collision coverage on it. Many people take collision off once the car is over ten years old. This is because the actual value of the car is generally quite low once it is that old. Another coverage that is optional is coverage for a rental car if you need one after an accident (OPCF #20). And then there is comprehensive coverage that can be dropped as well. Beyond those coverages, it is not a good idea to have low levels of liability coverage, and accident benefits coverage is important too.

Next, you can control the cost of your coverage by the car that you drive. There are large differences between vehicles. In general, the safer the vehicle, the lower its premium will be. And older models will generally be less to insure than new models. It pays to check insurance rates before you decide on the exact car you purchase.

Another way to get cheap auto insurance in Ontario is to maintain a good driving record. Years without tickets and claims helps to keep rates down.

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