Car insurance in Ontario and Auto Insurance Reform

Car insurance in Ontario is undergoing a significant change as of September 1, 2010. The transition will take place as policies renew from September 1, 2010 all the way until September 1, 2011.

Why is Ontario Auto Insurance changing?

Ontario Car Insurance is undergoing reform under the direction of legislation introduced by the Province of Ontario. The changes are intended to reduce Accident Benefits claims, especially for minor injury claims. The costs of minor injuries due to an automobile accident have been climbing steadily largely due to intensive assessments, but also due to rehabilitation costs.

The purpose of the reforms are to curtail the standard accident benefits that are payable in the event of a minor injury. This will reduce costs and help to stabilize auto insurance rates in Ontario

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What parts of Ontario are affected?

This is a province wide change. No matter where you live, from Windsor to Ottawa, Fort Erie to Kenora, and all other points in Ontario, your car insurance policy is changing.

Toronto has some of the highest auto insurance rates in Ontario, and this will help to stabilize that situation. But make no mistake, if you have car insurance in Ontario, your policy is changing.

What will happen to Ontario Car Insurance Rates?

These changes should stabilize auto insurance rates in Ontario. Rates have climbed steadily in the past couple of years and a couple of carriers announced substantial auto insurance rate increases (over 20%) for 2010. This trend should stop after the new legislation is in force. If claims costs go down, then rates will decrease accordingly in the future.

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