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Getting a Canada Home Insurance Quote does not have to be an intimidating or confusing chore. It can be done quickly and easily, right from the comfort of your own home.  You can get multiple quotes, right now, right here:

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The reason many people find that getting house insurance quotes is confusing is that there are several types of policies available and there are lots of questions asked by the nsurers. With a basic understanding of the policies available, and what the insureres want to know, you can quickly and easily get affordable home insurance

Types of Home Insurance in Canada

The best policy to get is a Comprehensive Homeowners Policy (Canada). A comprehensive policy is also known as an all risk policy and it has the widest range of coverage.

The policy with the least coverage is often referred to as a basic homeowners policy or a specified perils policy. Usually these policies are used in high risk situations when no other policy is available. This type of policy is often a last resort, not a first choice.

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Canada Home Insurance Quote Information

There is a fair bit of information that Canadian insurers look for in order to give a house insurance quote. If you take a few minutes to gather the following information about your home, you'll be ready to get accurate quotes when you shop around.

  • Address of home (including postal code)
  • Age of home
  • Size (Square feet)
  • Style of construction (ie one story, two story)
  • Is there a basement? Is it finished?
  • Construction materials (ie wood frame, brick, etc)
  • Type of Heat (and when updated)
  • Type of plumbing (and when updated)
  • Type of wiring (and when updated)
  • Type of roof (and when updated)
  • Details of any claims
  • Mortgage details (is there a mortgage?)
  • Distance to fire hydrant and Fire Hall (are they nearby?)

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Always speak with a licensed insurance representative about your specific situation.

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