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Do you ever wonder who has the best auto insurance Ontario? How do you know which company offers the best insurance? And which coverage is the best?

Get the best auto insurance Ontario

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The best automobile insurance company is a very subjective idea. Ask 100 people in Ontario and you will get a lot of different answers. And the truth is that there probably is no best company. Sure, there are good insurers and probably some that aren't as good but the more important consideration should be what is the best insurance coverage?

Having the right coverage in place is critical. Here are some important coverages you should have:

  • All Perils coverage - All Perils is a combination of collision and comprehensive coverage. It is well worth having
  • $2million liability - there are lower limits available, but two million liability is very important. Highly recommended
  • Family Protection coverage -OPCF #44 is not expensive and every policy should have it
  • Direct Compensation Propery Damage (DCPD) - get DCPD with a 0 deducible so you don't have to pay a deductible if your car is damaged in an accident that is not your fault
  • Accident/Claims Forgiveness- if you have an accident that is found to be your fault, your rates will increase substantially unless you have the forgiveness rider
  • Transportation Replacement - OPCF #20 is important as it provides a rental car if you have a claim
  • Removing Depreciation deduction OPCF #43 is very important on new vehicles as it removes th insurer's right to deduct depreciation from the value of a vehicle when settling a claim
  • Liability for damage to non-owned vehicles OPCF #27 gives you coverage for rental vehicles in Canada and the USA

When you shop for auto insurance in Ontario, be sure to check into these coverages. Find more information at car insurance in Ontario Canada

Or, ask a question about auto insurance in Ontario Ontario Auto Insurance Questions

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