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More About Alberta Canada Auto Insurance

There are two key regulators:

1. The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance is the key regulator of the insurance market in Alberta. (

2. The Automobile Insurance Rate Board is the regulator of auto insurance premiums for private passenger vehicles. The board has the following primary role in the Province:

"The primary role of the Automobile Insurance Rate Board is to regulate insurer rating programs for basic and additional coverage for private passenger, miscellaneous private passenger and commercial vehicles"

Some factors that affect car insurance rates in Alberta include:

  • At Fault Accidents 
  • Age (younger drivers tend to have higher premiums)
  • Discounts (e.g. multi-policy; multi-vehicle; anti theft device discount)
  • Driver Training (reduces premiums of newly licensed drivers)
  • Driving Convictions in the past three years
  • Geographic area (urban areas tend to have higher rates)
  • Number of years licensed (recently licensed drivers tend to pay higher rates)
  • The vehicle (based on the claims statistics of the particular make and model)
  • Use of the vehicle (i.e. commuting; pleasure; business)

The best way to reduce your rates is to drive responsibly and shop around for insurance. Try using the quote tool above and see if you can save money.

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