Wedding Cancellation Insurance

Wedding Cancellation Insurance is a product that has been made in recognition that weddings are getting more and more costly. An event causing the wedding to be canceled can leave big bills to be paid even if the ceremony and reception did not occur.

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Cancellation Insurance is for reimbursement of all deposits and charges paid or contracted to be paid which are non refundable. This payment is up to the amount on the insurance declaration which is based on the size and scale of the wedding.

There are 5 parts to a wedding insurance policy. All will reimburse expenses if an insured peril (ie fire or theft) occurs. The benefit is not payable if the bride or groom simply decide not to proceed with the wedding

Section 1 - Primary Coverage includes:

  • death, injury, illness, jury duty, unemployment of the bride or groom or immediate family
  • unforeseen occupational posting overseas by Bride or Groom
  • The premises for the wedding or reception is unable to hold the wedding due to damages by any cause or the facility being closed by local authority
  • loss or damage to bridal attire within 5 days of wedding
  • non appearance of wedding transport

Section 2 - Wedding Photographs If the photographer fails to show up or there is a loss or damage to the negatives there is coverage for the extra expense to retake the wedding photographs

Section 3 - Bridal Attire Loss or damage to the Bridal attire (including bridesmaids and the groomsmen) is covered up until completion of the actual wedding

Section 4 - Wedding Presents Coverage is provided for physical loss or damage to wedding presents received by the Bride and Groom. Coverage is for 72 hours before and 72 hours after the wedding

Section 5 Honeymoon Cancellation Insurance This should be compared to a Trip Cancellation Insurance policy and Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Other comments Information about named perils and exclusions are not included on this page. The named perils are similar to a home insurance policy and the exclusions are fairly common sense.

All in all wedding cancellation insurance is good if you consider how expensive weddings are these days.

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