Teenage Car Insurance in Canada

Teenage Car Insurance is quite an issue in Canada. Any car insurance for minors or young adults with less than 6 years driving experience is going to be fairly expensive. Especially in the first couple of years licensed.

If you have a child who is getting their drivers license in you must let your insurance company know about it. In most provinces, if there are three cars and three drivers your child will be listed as one of the primary drivers on a vehicle which increases the rates.

If there are two adults and two vehicles, most Canadian auto insurers will allow the adults to be listed as primary drivers. If your insurer insists on listing the child as a primary driver it will have a big impact on rates. So consider shopping around.

How to Save on Canada Car Insurance for Under 18 Years of Age

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  • Shop around. Here’s how: visit Car Insurance Quotes in Canada
  • Insure all vehicles on one policy for a multi-vehicle discount
  • Insure your home and auto with the same company for the multi line discount offered on most Canada car insurance policies
  • New drivers should get driver training – most insurance company’s offer a driver training discount if a certificate is provided
  • New drivers need to drive VERY carefully to build a clean record up over the first five – six years licensed
  • Pay attention to policy date and birth date. If there is a change of age within six months it might be worthwhile going with a six month policy

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