Quebec auto insurance

The Quebec auto insurance marketplace is quite a bit different from the rest of Canada. It is a mix of public and private, which other provinces have, but the mix is a bit different from the other provinces.

In Quebec, the government insurer provides basic coverage for injuries to people, while the private insurance companies provide coverage for property.

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The private portion of coverage in Quebec is offered by many insurers and is a very competitive market. The coverage that can be purchased includes third party liability coverage for property damage. It also provides third party liability coverage outside of the Province for property damage and bodily injury.

The coverage mentioned above is broken down into what is known as Section A and Section B. All of the coverage is purchased through an agent or broker so that the consumer has an opportunity to explore all of their options.

Section A is required by law and covers damage to third parties. The minimum coverage is $50,000 in civil liability. Most brokers and agents will recommend $1,000,000 in coverage and you would be wise to consider the recommendation, especially if you ever drive outside of the Province. This portion of coverage also covers your vehicle in the event of damage to your vehicle for an accident in which you are not considered at fault.

Section B is for damage to your vehicle (ie Collision, fire, theft, etc.). This coverage is optional and is broken down into a few different parts. Section B1 is "All Perils" including Sections B2 and B3. Section B2 is for Collision or for a hit and run. Section B3 is for Comprehensive (fire, theft, etc). Section B4 is Specified Perils, which is more limited coverage but includes fire and theft.

Confused? It's best to speak with a local broker or agent to get a full explanation of the coverage available in a Quebec auto insurance policy.

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