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Getting Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Shop around using the following three methods:

  • Insurance Broker - An insurance broker will have a few different insurers to get you quotes from. And they are an advocate for you. So this is a good place to start. But they do not deal with all insurers so it is worth shopping around further to be sure you get the best quote.

  • Direct Writer - Go to a couple of direct writers for quotes. They do not deal through insurance brokers. They operate through local agents or through a web site and call centre. Not all of them offer motorcycle insurance though

  • Online Quotes - there are online marketplaces and online brokers who provide access to several companies so this is a worthwhile source as well.
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Consider what Coverage You Need: Depending on the insurer there may be options that will save you money. For instance, a higher deductible may be well worth considering. There might also be optional coverages quoted. Before you decline them, be certain of what they are and be sure you do not need the,. Make sure to discuss this with the place that you buy coverage from.

Don't wait until the last minute: Some insurers are a little slow in getting quotes done. Allow yourself plenty of time when shopping around. Ideally you should start a couple weeks or even a month before you need the policy. This ensures that you are not rushed into a bad decision.

Annual Policies: most insurers set up annual motorcycle insurance policies. There is no point in cancelling for the winter / off season because the price takes this into account. And you will not get much of a refund if you cancel early. So why not benefit from having the coverage all year round. You never know when a great riding day will come in the early spring. Not only that but your policy will probably cover fire and theft which can happen all year round.

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Always speak with a licensed insurance representative about your specific situation.

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Compare insurance quotes through - save time and money!