Motorcycle Insurance in Canada

Winter and Motorcycle Insurance in Canada

Canada has some unique concerns when it comes to motorcycle insurance. This is thanks to our cold winters with icy roads where you don't want to be out on your bike. People often ask if they can, or should, cancel their policy for the winter.

Motorcycle Insurance in Canada is priced with Canadian winters in mind. So you do not need to cancel your policy in the off season. Canadian motorcycle insurers understand that most Canadians park their motorcycles for the winter months. So they price the policies with the assumption that there are four or more months where the bike isn't being used.

There really is no point in canceling your policy at the end of the summer because you will not get much of a refund, if any at all, from the annual premium. And you will lose coverage that is still good to have all year round. This includes coverage for fire and theft, even while parked in your garage. Your home insurance does not cover your motorcycle so if the garage burns down with the bike in it, you will be glad to have had the insurance on the bike still. The same holds true if the bike is stolen from your garage.

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Why do the insurers do this? It is much easier to handle the administration on a policy that renews annually than a policy that goes for a few months and is then canceled, only to be started again a few months later. Decreased administration helps the insurers to keep their costs down. And having an annual policy gives you more peace of mind knowing that you have year round coverage, even if you aren't riding. And it is possible that there could be a great winter day where you would want to take the bike out because the sun is shining, the roads are clear and the temperature is moderate. When you have an annual policy you can just hop on the bike without worrying about re-starting the auto insurance.

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