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Do you wonder what the best bikes are when getting Motorcycle insurance quotes Canada?

In general the larger the engine of the bike, the more costly it will be to insure. And models that are deemed sports bikes (each insurer has their own determination) will carry a heavy surcharge that could double or triple your rates.

Another general tip is that the more expensive the bike is the more expensive it is to insure. All else being equal of course. I say this because a 40 year old with 20 years experience will probably pay less for a $50,000 bike than a teenager with no experience driving a $10,000 sports bike. But going back to all things being equal, if you are choosing between bikes, the less expensive bike will probably be less expensive to insure. It makes sense right? The more expensive the bike, the more expensive repairs will be if there was an accident.

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Therefore, when you are choosing a motorcycle, you could save on insurance by saving on a bike! Avoid the bigger engines and sport models, especially when you are first licensed. You might also be safer this way as bikes with smaller engines are easier to handle.

Other ways to Save on Motorcycle insurance quotes Canada

The best way to save is to have a good driving record. Avoid getting traffic tickets and avoid accidents and you will be rewarded with better rates.

Conversely, the more tickets, accidents and claims that you have, the more you will be penalized with higher premiums and lack of choice among insurers.

Many insurers encourage you to be a better rider through education. So they offer discounts if you take motorcycle driver training and if you belong to a motorcycle association.

If you have an anti theft device let the insurers know when you are getting quotes. It might save you money.

With these tips and others found at Motorcycle Insurance Canada you can bet that you will find good Motorcycle insurance quotes in Canada

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