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Find your Motorcycle Insurance Quote Ontario

There are plenty of places to get motorcycle insurance quotes in Ontario. They are available primarily from brokers or direct writers (you deal direct with the insurer on the phone or over the internet).

The key is deciding what coverage you want to have. The mandatory coverage includes:

  • Liability Insurance It is mandatory to have at least $200,000 of liability coverage. This is in force in case the driver of the vehicle injures someone or causes damage to property. Most insurers insist on $1,000,000 coverage and strongly recommend $2,000,000
  • Uninsured Automobile Offers protection in the event that you get injured or have damage to your vehicle by someone without insurance or if it is a hit and run.
  • Accident BenefitsThere is a basic level of cover for: income replacement due to disability; supplementary medical and attendant care; death and funeral benefits.
  • DCPD Direct Compensation for Property Damage is claimed when the insured is in an accident that is not at fault (the damage is caused by someone else). The insureds own insurer pays for the damage to the insured vehicle. If the insured is at fault then DCPD does not apply.
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Aside from the mandatory coverage, there are several optional coverages. These are some of the most important optional motorcycle insurance in Ontario coverage to consider:

  • Increased Liability coverage - Highly recommended!
  • Increased Accident Benefits coverage - several options worth considering
  • Specified Perils This is usually coverage for fire and theft plus coverage like lightning, windstorm, hail and so on
  • Comprehensive This includes specified perils and adds more coverage including vandalism, falling objects and more
  • Collision or Upset Provides physical damage coverage if the motorcycle tips over or if the rider is at fault in an accident
  • All Perils - A combination of Collision and Comprehensive coverage
  • Family Protection increased the uninsured autp limits

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