Manitoba Auto Insurance

Manitoba Auto Insurance is provided by a publicly owned insurer called Autopac. Autopac is available to every resident of Manitoba and is mandatory for all vehicles. It is a serious offense to drive without insurance coverage.

Autopac has over 300 independent insurance brokers who can provide access to the service. And there are Autopac agents available to help as well. The price is the same no matter where you go for coverage so it is best to go where you get the service you are comfortable with.

Manitoba Auto Insurance Coverage Includes

Basic All Perils Coverage - Most vehicles receive Basic All Perils Coverage. This is protection from accidental loss or damage as a result of collision and other accidental damages like hail, storms, theft and vandalism for example. It is possible to get a reduced deductible for an extra premium.

$200,000 third party liability limit - It is wise to increase this coverage. It is certainly not enough if you have an accident outside of Manitoba and is worth considering even if you never leave the Province.

Personal Injury Protection Plan - For costs relating to injury or death caused by an automobile.

Optional Coverages - There are several optional coverages that your agent or broker should offer you. Be sure to ask about them when buying your coverage

Moving to or from Manitoba?

Moving to Manitoba? - Get a claim history letter from your previous insurer. And be sure to get your Manitoba drivers license before buying your insurance so that you can be eligible for discounts. You must get your Manitoba license within 3 months of moving to Manitoba. And you have up to 3 months to register your vehicle in most cases. Commercial vehicles and vehicles with a grosss vehicle weight over 3700kg must register immediately. in order to register your vehicle you will have to get a Certificate of Inspection. Vehicles that are at a high risk of being stolen also require an approved immobilizer.

Moving away from Manitoba? - Make sure you cancel your coverage in writing to Autopac once you have your new coverage in force. And before you leave the province it is a good idea to ask for a letter of experience from Autopac. This will help you get coverage in your new province or state.

Save Money on Your Manitoba Auto Insurance

  • Getting an immobilizer will save you money on your insurance (unless the immobilizer is mandatory on your car)
  • Avoid Accidents. There are progressively larger discounts for each year that you go without an at fault claim (up to 5 years)
  • Avoid Convictions/Reprimands
  • Make sure your vehicles are rated correctly for their use. For example, are any of your vehicles pleasure use only?
  • Different makes and models will have higher rates than others

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If you have had an at fault claim it is possible to "buy back" the claim. This means that you can pay back all of the costs incurred from the accident. This can help you to restore your claim free record, and it allows you to keep your Autopac discount. This is a very progressive option. This can be done at any time and is well worth considering in some cases.

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