Life Insurance in Ontario

Are you looking for Life Insurance in Ontario? There are many Canadian life insurance companies to choose from and thousands of Canadian Brokers and Agents to choose from. You can even buy life insurance directly from certain insurers.

One emerging option, is to shop around, from the comfort of your home with an online market place like the one featured here:

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So where you should you buy your life insurance? How do you choose the right plan? And how much coverage is enough? Ask Your Life Insurance Questions (Click Here)

There are several helpful articles in the Canada Life Insurance section ofCanada Insurance Source that can give you a basic understanding of life insurance in Canada.

Why Buy from an Ontario Life Insurance Broker?

You can buy from an agent, broker or direct from an insurer.

Buying from a broker has several advantages. A broker deals with several life insurance company’s. This means the broker can shop the market on your behalf to find a plan with a great price. More importantly the broker can find a plan that suits your unique needs. Some companies are stricter than others on health issues, lifestyle choices and hazardous occupations. Do you know which ones are best for you? A professional who works with the insurers will. A broker will fully explain the process and help you through it. The price is not different when you buy from a broker or buy direct from the insurance company – so why not get some advice from an experienced professional?

Why Buy Life Insurance In Ontario Online?

Another option is to use an online marketplace like this one:

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You can get quotes in minutes and won't have to deal with a sales person right from the start. It is a way to educate yourself.

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