International Student Insurance Canada

International Student Insurance Canada

Coming to school in Canada? For International Students there is an International Student Insurance Canada policy that is comprehensive health insurance. This student health insurance is for students from anywhere in the world attending a school in Canada.

Student travel insurance is necessary coverage for foreigners studying in Canada because provincial health plans do not cover visitors to Canada, only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are covered.

The International Student Insurance Canada plan mentioned here is for travel medical and student health insurance for those enrolled in a full time course in Canada. Rates are well under $2/day so it is great peace of mind that will ensure medical needs are met and emergencies will be cared for without worry of financial hardship.

International Student Travel Insurance in Canada covers:

  • Hospital Benefits – including medical, surgical, diagnostic; ambulance and air ambulance
  • Extended Medical Benefits – including check ups; prescription drugs; specialists; accidental dental; treatment for pregnancy; and more
  • Emergency Transportation - for example, you could be transported back to your home country in an air ambulance if that is best for you.
  • Death Benefit -in the event of death there is an insurance benefit to help with expenses related to death (ie transporting body back home)

Of course, there are limits to the policies available to international students in Canada. So it is important to check that out. The coverage is good and protects against most serious events and allows for regular care.

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