Insurance Actuary Jobs

Insurance Actuary Jobs can be very rewarding because insurers value having a lot of stability in their actuarial department.

What is an actuary? An insurance actuary is someone who works at the insurance company doing careful analysis of statistics to set the overall rates of insurance policies. They do this by analyzing the likelihood of claims and the amount of claims that can be expected. The work that an actuary does is crucial for the insurance companies overall success.

Qualifications To get a position as an actuary you most certainly would need a post secondary degree. Most insurers look for a University degree in math, statistics, finance, business or accounting to fill an actuarial position. Once hired, there is still a lot of ongoing training and professional development

Salary and Benefits An insurance actuary is very well compensated. Those with years of experience and a professional designation have the potential to earn over $200,000 per year. Obviously a starting actuary is not in this range but it is an above average salary. Generally an actuary will work in an office 40 hours per week and will have benefits.

Outlook For Insurance Actuarial Jobs? - Insurers are looking at more and more complex ways to manage risk so the position of actuary will remain in demand. Other industries (i.e. Finance) are using actuaries as well so an education with becoming an actuary in mind can lead in several directions.

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