High Risk Car Insurance Canada

High Risk Car Insurance Canada is for drivers who are unable to get

insurance coverage from a regular insurance company. Canada Auto insurance companies have limits to the number of accidents and tickets a driver can have in a given time period. If you exceed these numbers your insurer will not renew or even cancel your policy.

Every Province (and State) will have different rules with respect to when a driver is considered high risk. The following factors are considered for High Risk Car Insurance Canada:

Accidents Any accident that you are deemed at fault for is counted “against” you for purposes of insurance. This can be an upsetting issue for some individuals. You may not realize that you are considered at fault for an accident. Examples of this are obvious (like rear ending someone) and not so obvious (like sliding off the road on an icy day). Even a fender bender in a parking lot may be counted against you as fault is often deemed at 50-50 in parking lot accidents. Having two or more at fault accidents in a six year period is often enough to be considered high risk.

Major Convictions A major conviction like driving without insurance, careless driving or driving while impaired may result in non-renewal of your insurance. This would put you in need of high risk auto insurance.

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Multiple Tickets Having three tickets in a three year period may result in non-renewal of your auto insurance policy. This includes any traffic ticket including speeding, failing to stop or even a seat belt infraction. 

It isn’t just drivers with bad records that end up with high risk auto insurance. Sometimes new drivers have no choice but to have insurance with a high risk carrier. And those who have been cancelled for non payment may also need high risk car insurance.

If you end up needing high risk auto insurance you can still shop around with the help of a good auto insurance broker. To get off of this insurance you need to keep a clean record year after year. Find out more about getting good insurance rates here - Car Insurance Quotes in Canada or tryCheap Auto Insurance

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Always speak with a licensed insurance representative about your specific situation.

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