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Are you looking for Group Insurance Canada? It is a low cost, or no cost, way to add compensation for your employees.

Canadian Group Insurance plans are a common concern among employers and their employees. Small business wants to find affordable ways to compete for talented employees. Big business wants to find a way to contain increasing costs.

There are articles in the Group Insurance Canada section of Canada Insurance Source to give you as a business owner or executive some insight on the different group plans that are in the Canadian marketplace.

The common element among all group plans in Canada is that they are a great way to increase morale in your workforce by offering a tangible benefit.

The main group plan that can be offered at no cost to your business is Group Auto and Property Insurance. This is for employers or associations with at least 100 people in the workforce or association. All of the members of the plan have the option to enroll and receive extra discounts on home and auto insurance due to their membership. This can be implemented at no cost to the employer and with little administration. There are several group home and group auto insurance carriers in Canada.

A second type of plan that is free for you to offer your employees is a Group RRSP.

The More Commonly Considered Group Insurance Canada Plan Is Health Benefits:

If you run a small business you will want to review health insurance information for a small business at Small Business Group Health Insurance. That link provides information on group benefits for businesses with as few as two employees.

Canadian Health Insurance Quotes

In addition to small business group insurance, businesses with just a few, or no, employees, should have a look at Health Spending Accounts. Health Spending Accounts (HSA) are an excellent Small Business Health Insurance. HSA’s allow a great deal of flexibility in paying for medical expenses. They are not insurance but they can be blended with traditional insurance in a way that will save you money and improve your coverage.

Are you looking for reasons to get health benefits? Click Group Health Insurance Canada for 17 great features

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Looking for information about traditional group benefits?

To understand traditional Group Health Benefits read the Group Health Insurance page. You can learn about group disability insurance, group medical insurance, group term life insurance and Group Dental Insurance

Group Disability is usually a part of a Group Health insurance plan. This page is about some of the weaknesses of Group Disability Insurance that plan members should know about. Group Disability is a great start in building a safety net but private disability insurance is always a good idea. It can offset the weaknesses in a group plan at an affordable rate.

Group Term Life Insurance

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Looking For Some Alternatives To Traditional Group Health Insurance

If your business has had a plan for many years you may be frustrated by rising costs. This is a concern shared by small, medium and large businesses. If your business has group health insurance and you are concerned about the increasing premiums and lack of flexibility, A Group Health Insurance Alternative (ASO) may be right for you. And for more information about ASO - Administrative Services Only is a great alternative to traditional Group Health Insurance. Read both of those links for information about the exciting opportunities that ASO presents business owners.

Are you wondering if you should have a broker please read Group Insurance Broker to learn why and how to find a broker.

Compare health insurance quotes.

If you are looking for online group quotes you might find that it is a difficult task. Find out why at Group Health Insurance Online Quote.

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