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Did you know about these 17 great features and options of Group Health Insurance Canada? Group plans have way more features than you might think. There are less insurance companies offering group coverage than there used to be. But they still compete quite intensely for business. As a result there is great deal of flexibility in the marketplace 

Group Health Insurance Canada – 17 Top Features

1. Group Insurance Plans are a Tax write-off for your business 
2. Most Group Insurance Brokers offer complimentary insurance and financial advice for employees.
3. Group Long Term Disability – too many of your employees won’t buy it personally and count on their employer to provide it
4. Gain a competitive advantage in the job market. Having a group plan shows how much you care about your employees and show that you are financially stable
5. Built in Travel Insurance for Emergency Medical
6. Less medical requirements – often none – to get onto the plan than a personal health insurance policy
7. Health and Dental benefits are received tax free by employees
8. Critical Illness – provides a lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of a life threatening illness.
9. Health Spending Account – a HSA is a special savings account for each plan member who can use the money to cover a broad range of medical and dental care costs
10. Improved physical health through Massage, Chiropractic, Nutritionists
11. Improved Mental Health – counseling, psychological care, and EAP available
12. Retiring employees can keep certain benefits regardless of their health
13. Improved loyalty from your workforce
14. Convenient Drug Card for use at pharmacy
15. Lots of choice in plan design
16. Additional life insurance available to employees at a discounted term life rate
17. Spousal and family coverage is available

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