Expatriate International Medical Insurance

Expatriate International Medical Insurance is for anyone living outside of their country of normal residence for an extended period of time.Provincial Health Plans in Canada (ie OHIP) do not cover Canadians properly (if at all) while they are outside of Canada.

If you are a Canadian citizen and planning to leave the country for any period of time, you need travel insurance for outside Canada. If you are going to be living or working for a long period of time in another country the type of coverage you require is Expatriate travel medical insurance.

Who Purchases Expat Medical Insurance?

Expat medical insurance plans are commonly purchased by Canadians who will be visiting or living in a foreign country due to an extended vacation; work; missionary service; volunteering; marine captains & crew; students; business people; athletes; and others in similar situations. The plans are designed with the specific needs of Canadians working abroad in mind. So the odds are good that you will find a plan that meets your needs.

What is Covered by This International Medical Insurance?

This worldwide travel insurance has coverage limits of $2million and for trips of several years. Coverage generally includes emergency medical, prescriptions, maternity, medical evacuation, repatriations and more. It just depends on your overall needs and budget.

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