Entry Level Insurance Jobs

Entry Level Insurance Jobs are the most common insurance job openings and can lead to a great career in insurance. Starting insurance jobs in Canada are usually Customer Service Representatives (CSR). If you are looking for a job in insurance then you are likely to find most opportunities as a CSR. Unless you are a University Graduate with a degree in Finance or Statistics, then you might want to consider an Insurance Actuary job.

A customer service representative (CSR) in the insurance industry could work in a small agency as part of an agents or brokers staff. Or a CSR could work in a large call centre environment answering calls from clients or prospective clients all day. In either case, an insurance license is generally required in order to give any advice and most service to the client. Many insurance companies will pay for your licensing and training once they have selected you for employment.

Entry Level Insurance Jobs

What does the job involve? An insurance CSR will do a wide variety of tasks including insurance quotes, insurance sales, filing, mailers, billing, answering calls, making changes in coverage and so on. There are many insurance job opportunities that can arise from entry level insurance jobs like the CSR position. Many will go on to become underwriters, claims adjusters or insurance agents and brokers.

Salary and Benefits Many CSR positions start out on a contract basis. Sometimes no benefits will be offered. But the wage is usually good and after a period of time you will become a full time employee rather than a contract employee. There will be opportunities for professional development and it is a very good idea to do as much professional development as possible.

Outlook For Entry Level Insurance Jobs? The outlook is quite strong as insurance is a very stable industry and all insurers need CSRs

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