Emergency Medical Travel Coverage

Are you planning a trip out of the province or country? Don’t forget to pack Emergency medical travel coverage!

Travel insurance is a must when leaving the country because your provincial health plan will not cover medical expenses that you incur outside of the province. Any medical expense from a broken bone to heart attack can lead to large and unexpected medical expenses. Without emergency travel health insurance you might not even be able to get treatment at some facilities until you prove you are able to pay!

Do you see that medical costs are a big financial risk when travelling? Travel medical insurance ensures that access to care and financial protection are in place for you.

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Not convinced that you need this coverage? Read this quote from the Ontario Ministry of Health: “Should I obtain additional insurance coverage for my absence from Canada?
Yes. The ministry strongly recommends you do, whether you are absent from Canada for a few minutes or for an extended time. OHIP does not insure or pay for all out-of-country medical services. Also, the amount of funding provided by OHIP will not usually cover the full cost of any health services that you do obtain outside of Canada. You should therefore, obtain supplementary health insurance from a private insurance company to provide you with additional coverage during your absence.”http://www.health.gov.on.ca/english/public/pub/ohip/travel.html

What is Included in the Emergency Medical Travel Coverage?

Standard Emergency Medical Travel Coverage Insurance plans now offer a minimum of $2million. The recommended coverage is $5 million.

Typical Emergency Medical Coverage includes

  • Emergency Room Expenses
  • Hospital Care and Accomodation
  • Doctor's and Physician's Care
  • Emergency Return to Canada with Full Medical Teams
  • Ambulance Service Including Air Ambulance
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Chiropractors, and other Practitioner's Care
  • Accidental Dental Coverage
  • Return of Your Vehicle (including your trailer or motor home)
  • Travel Expenses to Bring a Relative to Your Bedside
  • Return of Your Spouse and/or Dependent Children to Canada
  • Return to Destination Benefit

Common Exclusions Include

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • hazardous activities
  • drug use
  • illegal acts
  • This is not comprehensive list – be sure to read your policy or speak with a licensed insurance broker

Once You Buy Your Policy

Before you leave the country review your policy certificate and policy booklet. On the Certificate, make sure your coverage is the same as what you requested and that you have an emergency toll free number to contact. Review the policy booklet to understand what is covered and what is not covered

Keep in mind that Emergency Medical is just one coverage available. This is the most important coverage because becoming ill or injured in another country could be financially devastating. Return to Travel Insurance in Canada to read about coverage other than Emergency Medical Travel Coverage

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Always speak with a licensed insurance representative about your specific situation.

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