Classic Car Insurance Canada

Classic Car Insurance Canada is available from specialty programs and through regular auto insurance policies. As with any type of insurance it is best to shop around for coverage comparing price and coverage. It is never a good idea to assume that one type of policy will be better than the other – especially when it is so easy to get car insurance quotes.

It is important to check if there are any restrictions on the use of the classic car. Is there a certain number of kilometers or some limitation that would prevent you from driving it to a show instead of trailering it? Are there certain expectations as to how and where it is stored?

An appraisal may be required to get classic car insurance Canada. If you do not wish to get an appraisal, some companies will offer liability coverage but no physical damage.

Insurance coverage on classic automobiles is often fairly inexpensive because the liability risk is lower in most cases. The auto insurance company recognizes that the car is not being driven as much as most cars and great care is taken by most classic car owners. To be treated in such a favourable manner you must also own and insure a car that you drive regularly for work or errands.

There are different choices for classic car insurance coverage. The best choice is agreed value where depreciation is not factored in. An appraisal is definitely required.

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