Car Insurance Quotes in Canada

To get low rate car insurance you need to shop around. You can get Car Insurance Quotes in Canada from several sources. It is a good idea to get

a few quotes and ask what coverage is recommended. You should go with the best coverage recommended and one of the better prices – but not necessarily the best price. You need to find an insurer that will serve you well at time of purchase and after the sale

Places to get auto insurance quotes:

Direct Insurance Company – it is possible to get quotes for online auto insurance and buy it online as well. Many people like the idea of buying online or through a toll free number because they feel it “cuts out the middleman”. This is referring to an insurance agent or insurance broker. This does not always save you money and it does not improve service. Usually direct insurance companies operate as call centers and are well equipped to make the sale. But are they well equipped for service? Will you reach the same person twice? 

Insurance Agent – Insurance Agents generally represent just one company and can only offer one quote. If their rate is not the best they have no other options. The best thing about an agent is that you will almost always deal with the same person or insurance agency and you will have continuity of service. 

Insurance Broker – Insurance Brokers generally represent several insurance companies and can get several quotes. Several Insurance quotes usually will result in the best insurance rate. A broker can work as your advocate if you have a claim or service issue from the company your business is placed with.

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Always speak with a licensed insurance representative about your specific situation.

This site is general in nature and there may be errors or ommissions

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