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Business Insurance Canada covers a diverse range of commercial insurance and liability insurance policies. If you are a business owner or executive you probably wish you could save money on your coverage without sacrificing quality. Maybe this page can help!

The pages linked below are written with the intent of helping business owners, executives and professionals gain a better understanding of their business and professional insurance

Do you run a Canadian Small Business? Small Business Insurance often comes in convenient packages that include most of the important coverages you need.

If your small business is an office type business you should have a look at these common packages: Small Business Insurance Office 

And there is Small Business Insurance for Retail

There are also special liability and property policies for Contractors and Tradespeople 

One of the most important coverages every business owner should have is Business Liability Insurance with Commercial General Liability Insurance being the most common type of business insurance. It protects against financial devastation from liability arising out of bodily injury and property damage resulting from your business operations. 

Employment Practices Liability Insurance is a newer coverage in Canada which protects employers from damages and legal costs arising out of workplace events such as harassment, discrimination and wrongful dismissal. 

Do you run a business in Ontario, Canada? Consider Ontario Business Insurance - Life and Health Insurance as well as Ontario Business Insurance - Commercial and Liability Insurance 

Do you have an employee in your business that is critical for your success? You should consider Keyman Insurance 

Are you a board member of a For Profit or Not For Profit organization? Make sure you are protected with a Directors and Officers Insurancepolicy.

If you are a professional you need to consider Errors and Ommissions Insurance. Also known as Professional Liability Insurance 

Professional Liability - usual professions covered

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Always speak with a licensed insurance representative about your specific situation.

This site is general in nature and there may be errors or ommissions

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