Basic Critical Illness Insurance

Basic Critical Illness Insurance is designed for those that are aware that there is a strong chance that they could suffer cancer, heart attack or stroke in their lifetime and want a simple and affordable way to cover the financial risk of these illnesses.

Canadian statistics indicate that one in three people will suffer a critical illness in their lifetime. Survival rates are strong for heart attack, cancer and stroke, but there is often a financial cost. The financial cost includes lost income, expenses related to the medical treatments, certain drug costs, travel costs, and it all adds on to the regular household bills and increases stress.

If you were diagnosed with cancer or had a heart attack or stroke … would a lump sum of tax free money help you? What if your disability insurance told you to go back to work but your Doctor suggested that you work less? Basic Critical Illness Insurance could fill that gap. The other gaps it could fill include:

  • The elimination period of your disability policy – this is the time between becoming disabled and the time where your payments start. This is commonly 90 days but can be 120-365 days depending on your policy
  • Reduced Benefit - your disability benefit will be a fraction of your regular income
  • Definition of Disability - What if the disability policy is worded in a way that you are not considered disabled due to your illness?

A basic critical illness insurance policy will pay $25,000 for you to spend however you wish. This tax free payment comes 30 days following a diagnosis of cancer, heart attack or stroke (some policies also cover coronary bypass or aortic surgery). This money will ensure that you have less to worry about financially so you can focus on your health.

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Always speak with a licensed insurance representative about your specific situation.

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