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Each province and territory of Canada has a different regulatory body for Car Insurance in Canada. Some of the provinces have a public insurance system and that is the only option for coverage (although in some cases private insurers may offer additional, optional coverage). Other provinces have a private insurance system where there are many companies that consumers can go to.

In the provinces with public insurance you must get the basic policy from the government agency. In some of these provinces you can buy additional coverage from brokers, agents or direct writers.

In the provinces that do not offer public insurance it is possible to shop around to many different private insurers. And shopping around is how you get the best Automobile insurance quote Canada.

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Keep reading this page to learn Which Provinces are Public and Which are Private. Then you will know what your choices are for shopping around.

British Columbia Auto Insurance Quotes

British Columbia has a public insurance system with optional coverage offered by private companies (in competition with the public system). The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is the public provider that offers basic coverage called Autoplan.

Alberta Car Insurance Quotes

Alberta has a private delivery system for automobile insurance. This means that residents of Alberta can shop around for the best combination of price and coverage.

Saskatchewan Insurance

Saskatchewan has a public auto insurer called the Saskatchewan Auto Fund. It is a compulsory auto insurance program, and it operates the driver’s licensing and vehicle registration system. Additional coverage can be purchased to enhance the coverage offered by the auto fund.

Manitoba Car Insurance Quotes

Manitoba is also a public insurance Province. They have the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation that provides basic automobile coverage.

Car Insurance Quotes Ontario

Ontario is a very competitive private insurance market. There is no public insurer. All of the private companies are regulated by the Financial Service Commission of Ontario

Auto Insurance in Quebec

Quebec has a blend of private and public automobile insurance. The public auto insurance system is called the SAAQ. The SAAQ provides coverage to people injured or killed in accidents while private insurers offer coverage for property. So you can shop around part of your coverage in Quebec

New Brunswick Insurance

Auto insurance in New Brunswick is provided by many private companies that compete for customers.

Prince Edward Island Car Insurance

PEI is a province with private insurance that is regulated by the Province

Nova Scotia

Private insurance - more than 60 insurers offer coverage in Nova Scotia making it a competitive market regulated by the Province

Newfoundland and Labrador

Auto insurance is provided by more than 50 private companies in Newfoundland and Labrador and they are regulated by the Province

Nunavut, North West Territories and Yukon

All car insurance in the Territories is provided by private, non-government insurance companies who compete for your business. You can get quotes from brokers, agents and direct insurers.


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